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Dominic Palmieri Bio


The Midway Gourmet Dominic Palmieri lll

FROM MEATS TO SWEETS, THIS SELF PROCLAIMED LEADER OF THE "FOODIE BOOMER GENERATION" Love Affair or in this case, LOVES a FAIR, brings Gourmet Fare right to your Local Fair, Rodeo or festival.

 A 25 year Food Concessions Veteran, Dominic has been serving Gourmet Midway Foods from California to Texas and everywhere in between.  If you've ever been hungry at one of his fairs, you've probably eaten at one of his Award Winning Concession stands.  His Family and friends serve up everything from A to Z (Apples to Zeppoles) 

His specialty is Meats but He Loves his Sweets.

On any given day you'll find Dominic throwing pizza dough, smoking Giant Foot-and-a-Half-Long Two-Pound Beef Ribs, Spinning Bacon Cotton Candy, Squeezing Lemonade, Spiral Cutting 18"Colossal Curly Fry Cones, Deep frying something, or Flipping 4-Pound Belly Buster Burgers.  He Loves to Bring new Gourmet, Innovative, Sauced Up, Popped up, Fried up, Smoked Up, Spun Up, Grilled Up and Even Shaken Up Foods for the Real Foodie Connoisseurs.  

His quest for the next New Food Craze lies in his bond with his customers.  "Its One thing to come up with wild foods and make them Crazy, Bigger and Different.  But the goal is to have that customer bite into something Amazing and say, WOW"!  "That’s what I try and bring to the Gourmet side of Carnival Foods".  Says Dominic...

Dominic visits all kinds of fairs, festivals, and rodeos and has seen the best that these special events have to offer.  His commitment to the Outdoor Amusement Industry, the amazing people who travel, set up, sell, and enrich the lives of so many families by creating life-long memories at fairs, has been his passion.  

He Travels the country working with his Family.  Wife Kim, four beautiful Children and the entire family at RCS Ray Cammack Shows. The Finest Carnival in the country possibly even the world.  In his spare time he oversees the Family grape operation in Central Coast California, a 92 year Old Zinfandel Vineyard.

"This gives me the opportunity to pair Gourmet Fair Foods with Great Wines. Most of our fairs have incredible wine competitions; this is a great way to bring the best of what everyone loves at a fair.  Dine and Wine".  

From Gourmet simple to Wild and Whacky, He's going to Create or find the newest, latest, greatest and tastiest Foods coming to a Fair near you.   


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